Roast Master


Have you ever felt the need to roast someone but couldn’t be bothered to spend enough energy thinking of anything? Roast Master has your back! Roast Master is a not-so-friendly neighborhood bot that will roast people at your command.

So, you can say things like:

“Ask Roast Master to roast Sally”

And it will reply with:

I hereby declare Sally the Dribbling Bollock Trolley.


Roast Master exists as a voice app on various platforms. At its core, resides an insult generator. This insult generator picks random words uses combination of some natural language generation techniques along with combinatorial approaches to procedurally generate the insults.

At the frontend is a natural language understanding model to parse and interpret user utterances. This model is responsible for resolving the user utterances to corresponding intents and extracting entities.

From then on, the target’s name is woven into an insult using natural language generation. This insult is then sent back to the voice interface which vocalizes it usint Text-to-Speech.


Roast Master is a surprising success. Not only did it acquire lakhs of users right after inception, it also continues to see thousands of daily active users. Major learning from this project is that the ideas do not have to be complex to be successful. Oftentimes, it is the simple idea that catches the user’s eye.